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ManiTaste (2021- Now)IG: manitaste.m

We believe to grow a brand is together with others.  Since early this year (2021) until now, we have co-operated with Mani, who's love of dessert compelled her to start experimenting in kitchen at a young age.


Meeting Mani for the first time was in Chef Kong's baking class. We wrongly believed that she was just a "3-minute passion" person. Then, we tried her own version of different dessert and was impressed by her persistence of taste. Later, we start to share  our passion. It is great that we are in this journey together.  Walking on a dream along a cobblestone road.


ManiTaste is selling farewell cookies, snowflake crisp and wedding dessert at the moment. Thanks to her loyalty customers, there  is a  significant growth in the business. We will keep exploring the new recipes. Please get your sweet tooth ready :)